2 tips for a great real estate chatbot

June 21, 2019

Chatbots are a great way to capture information from visitors to your website or social media page, but is yours doing enough to grab their attention?

While people are increasingly familiar with chatbots - especially if they're looking around at different real estate websites - there are some ways to make yours stand out a little more, according to Mobile Monkey. One is by making it as customized as possible.

Get customization right
It's absolutely vital to change many of the standard responses and follow-up questions that come in a real estate chatbot so that it more accurately reflects your voice and refers to your practice. While few will be under the illusion they're talking to a human, it's still important to make the process feel organic, and ensure your bot knows as many common phrases - and the right responses - as you can.

Use it as a tool for rapid response
The beauty of a chatbot is it collects necessary information from potential clients so you don't have to, according to Verloop. However, if you're not acting on that gathered information within a day or two, that probably means the time and money you put into perfecting the bot's interactions are for naught. Similarly, you would be wise to make sure your bot collects as much actionable data as possible - whether they're looking to buy or sell, their price range, preference for features, etc. - not just the lead's contact information.

That way, you can start that callback conversation on the right foot and hit the ground running.