See what real HMS customers say about their home warranties

November 7, 2014

If you're thinking about investing in an HMS® Home Warranty, it might help your decision to hear what real customers have to say. Homeowners around the country have weighed in on their experiences with HMS on Read on to find out what these customers had to say about the savings, peace of mind and customer service they've received thanks to their home warranty.

Michelle from Maryland
Michelle, an HMS customer in Parkville, Maryland, reported that she had a number of appliance and system problems starting from the day she bought her new house. The repairs of the first issue alone would have cost her 10 times the annual warranty costs. Over the years, Michelle has experienced a number of other problems that HMS could help her with. Needless to say, she's glad she invested in a home warranty!

"I can't say enough about how I will NEVER be without my HMS Home Warranty," Michelle wrote on "I've always received the best customer service, professional repair companies whose work was superb and everything [was] repaired in a timely manner."

Vicki from Tennessee
Vicki Diestelkamp lives in Nashville, Tennessee, and invested in an HMS home warranty to protect her house and its appliances. She was particularly impressed with the quality of service providers in the HMS network. The repairmen that have worked in her house were punctual, courteous and professional.

"It's a refreshing experience to have a company use such great customer service and go the extra step to call the local service company to ensure the appointment and request was understood," Vicki wrote.

Vicki is glad that she chose HMS for a home warranty and continues to renew her contract each year.

"I have been with HMS for years and am happy to say it only gets better every year," she said.

Robert from Illinois
There are times in every homeowner's life when an appliance or system breaks at an inconvenient time. HMS customer Robert Miller, who lives in Troy, Illinois, found this out when his air conditioner had a mechanical problem in the middle of the summer. He came home from work one day to find that the system wouldn't turn on.

"[HMS] called the technician, and he was out at my house in three hours," Robert wrote on "[He] found a short in my pump and an issue with electrical in the compressor unit. He fixed it all, I paid my deductible, and my AC was working by 8:30 that evening."

Without HMS, Robert would have been stuck waiting until the next day to call a service provider. Instead, he got his claim processed and the repairs made quickly and efficiently and only paid the standard HMS service fee. 

The information in these articles is intended to provide guidance on the proper maintenance and care of systems and appliances in the home. Not all of the topics mentioned are covered by our home warranty or maintenance plans. Please review your home warranty contract carefully to understand your coverage.