How to repurpose Halloween decorations for Thanksgiving

October 29, 2014

Many people take down their Halloween decorations and immediately put up those for Thanksgiving. Go ahead and store away your skeletons and ghosts for next year, but consider reusing some of your other decor for the next holiday. There are a number of Halloween items that can pull double duty if you get creative.

If you have some pumpkins or gourds that didn't get carved, you can easily repurpose them for Thanksgiving. Keep your pumpkins out of direct sunlight and rain to keep them from molding. You can also spray the decorations with some WD-40 to prolong their lives. On Thanksgiving, you can use mini pumpkins in cornucopias and bigger ones as part of your centerpiece. One creative idea is to hollow out the center of the pumpkin and place a vase with flowers inside. Spray paint your produce gold or silver for a more formal Thanksgiving decoration.

Hay bales
If you used hay bales to prop up your spooky skeletons or scarecrows, don't toss them just yet. If you take proper care of these decorations, they can easily be used as part of your Thanksgiving setup. Make sure the bales are kept dry to avoid mold. You can use them on your porch to display pumpkins, corn stalks and fake turkeys. If you want to spruce up the decor with some greenery, purchase a few mums from your local nursery. The rich fall colors of the flowers will contrast perfectly with the hay. When Thanksgiving is over, you can use the hay bales to mulch your gardens.

Tea lights
Small candles, whether real or electronic, are another great item to repurpose during the holidays. If your jack-o'-lanterns have seen their last good days, collect all your tea lights before throwing the pumpkins in the compost. Then head over to Pinterest or your favorite do-it-yourself website to find a cute Thanksgiving craft that uses the candles. One fun option is to use Mod Podge to cover a candle holder with fake fall leaves. You can even tie an orange or brown ribbon around the holder for extra flair. The brightly colored decoration will be a great addition to your centerpiece. However, if you're using real tea lights, don't leave them unattended during the holidays.

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