How to accident-proof your home for the holidays

November 10, 2014

Accidents can happen even during Thanksgiving or Christmas celebrations. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission stated that nearly 250 injuries a day happen during the holiday season. No one wants a joyous event to be spoiled with a tragedy. Get your home ready so you can help your family stay safe this holiday season. 

Childproof it
Don't get distracted enough to forget that the pretty Christmas tree is hazardous to small children. The source suggested avoiding hanging breakable or heavy ornaments toward the bottom of it, where it's easy for children to reach them. 

Do this with any other objects that are low to the ground. Think about other situations that can be dangerous to kids. A lot of cooking takes place during the holidays, so be sure to keep hot plates and pans away from little ones. Place plastic caps in sockets so children can't try to put objects, like forks, inside of them.

Keep an eye on candles
As beautiful as lights and candles are, they're also a major cause of accidents. The National Fire Protection Association estimated that 230 house fires sparked from Christmas trees between 2007 and 2011. These incidences resulted in a total of six deaths, 22 injuries and over $18 million in damage. Don't take fire safety lightly. 

If you decide to string up lights or keep lit candles around the house, take a few extra steps to ensure that there aren't any accidents. All burning candles should be kept in sight, according to the CPSC. Take pets into consideration when you're putting them around your home because they can easily knock them off of a table. 

Christmas light suggestions
When it comes to Christmas tree lights, the CPSC suggested checking them prior to putting them around the house. Check each bulb and only use the strand of lights if all of them are in good condition. Replace them if the wires are damaged and frayed. 

You'll also want to put lights in places where they won't get tugged on by pets or children. Don't place them close to curtains and never leave them plugged in when no one is home.

Do a walkthrough of your home before your company arrives to make sure all of your safety measures are in place. All it takes is a little effort to prevent a major problem. Stay safe this holiday season. 

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