How to file a claim through HMS

With an HMS Home Warranty, you can easily file a claim through the following simple steps.

4 reasons to renew your home warranty

There are four important reasons why you should renew your home warranty plan with HMS.

Do you need a home warranty?

Investing in the safety of your home with a home warranty could make a huge difference in your family's financial security and peace of mind.   

FAQ: How to request service

Many tasks are daunting, but filing a home warranty claim is easy. 

FAQ: How much does an HMS Home Warranty cost?

A home warranty is far more affordable than replacing your kitchen appliances. 

5 facts about home warranties

Knowing the difference between homeowner's insurance and a home warranty can save you from a disaster. 

4 major systems and appliances covered by an HMS home warranty

An HMS home warranty can pick up where your home owner's insurance leaves off. Here are four major systems and appliances covered under the agreement. 

FAQ: Are mobile homes covered under an HMS warranty?

Owning a mobile home comes with many of the same perks of a house or apartment without the hassle of maintenance. Still, a few nuances may creep in from time to time which is why it's important to get home warranty coverage.

Is your fridge running properly?

Keep an eye out for a few tell-tale signs that the fridge isn't working properly.

HMS has it covered: 5 benefits of a home warranty

Here are five benefits of the HMS warranty that span beyond saving money.