4 tips to get more voluminous hair

February 26, 2015

Many of us cherish our hair appointments. From the scalp massage to the incredible blow dry technique, salon visits leave us feeling revived and sexy. Wouldn't it be nice to achieve those results every day? Well, now you can. All you have to do is start thinking like a hairdresser.

Here are four steps to get more voluminous locks.

1. Find the right brush
There's a reason why so many hairbrushes exist - they're like tools, each with a specific purpose. If you're trying to get nice, big hair, pick out a magnesium brush, hairstylist Michael Dueñas told Allure magazine.

"The heat from the dryer warms the magnesium core of the brush and helps dry hair faster," Dueñas told the source.

2. Apply your product
As Cosmopolitan magazine pointed out, not all of us are blessed with big, luscious locks. That's why so many companies have made hair products their niche - promising longer, stronger, more vivacious hair. Of course, with so many hair products on the market, it can be tough to pick out the right one.

When it comes to volume, pick something that's specifically designed to give your locks a lift. Cosmopolitan suggested Oscar Blandi dry shampoo as one of the top products to thicken your locks. Go nuts and find a shampoo, conditioner and dry shampoo that all offer voluminous waves.

3. Gather your tools
In addition to your brush and hair product, use hair tools to your advantage. Arm yourself with a set of big curlers. Cosmopolitan suggested using them to boost volume. After you get out of the shower, brush your wet mane, let it dry naturally a bit, then wrap sections of your hair in curlers. Blow dry and remove the curlers, and then style as your normally would. 

4. Use this drying technique
According to Real Simple magazine, you should never try to style your hair when it's soaking wet. Not only will this make your arms sore from holding the dryer that long, but your hair won't reach its maximum potential. Towel dry your mane when you get out of the shower and continue to get ready for the day, saving hair styling for last. Not only can this technique make your hair look better, but it can make it healthier because your locks won't spend as much time under the dryer - a source of hair damage.

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