4 major systems and appliances covered by an HMS home warranty

April 29, 2015

Your homeowner's insurance is great in so many ways, but it's by no means a one-stop-shop solution. It doesn't cover a broken dishwasher or a fridge that's on the fritz, both of which can be draining to fix and leave you with a hefty bill. That's where an HMS home warranty comes in handy. It can save you time and money on broken systems or appliances. Here are four of them that are included.

1. Air conditioner
With summer just around the corner, you'll want to make sure you're covered if something goes wrong with the air conditioner. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, some common AC problems include electronic control failure and sensor problems. That's a lot that can go wrong!

2. Refrigerator
If your fridge breaks, where will you keep your condiments, salad fixings and cold cuts? You'll be left without a primary source of storage for your foods. Not to mention, if you're unaware of a problem, the food in your fridge and freezer could spoil - leaving you with no food in the house and an expensive grocery bill. Common issues with the fridge include anything from the coils to the condenser fan, according to Family Handy Man. Save yourself the hassle and worry with an HMS home warranty!

3. Dishwasher
Anyone who's experienced the luxury of a dishwasher will find it hard to live without one. The quick and efficient way to straighten up after dinner saves you more time than you might realize. Still, plenty can go wrong with the appliance. The dishwasher may not start, the soap dispenser might not open, there's potential for it not to drain or fill properly, among other problems. At any rate, unless you're a repairman it's tough to diagnose the issue and even more challenging to fix it yourself. 

4. Washer and dryer
Issues with the washer and dryer can be a real pain, especially if you're heading out the door for work. GE Appliances explained that the motors, washer hoses and vibration pads are often sources of a problem. Consider an HMS home warranty for when washers and dryers mechanically fail, so you're not left doing laundry like they did in the colonial days. 

The information in these articles is intended to provide guidance on the proper maintenance and care of systems and appliances in the home. Not all of the topics mentioned are covered by our home warranty or maintenance plans. Please review your home warranty contract carefully to understand your coverage.