3 tips for quick and easy leaf cleanup

September 30, 2014

Once your kids are finished jumping and playing in the fallen leaves, next comes the unpleasant task of picking them up out of your yard. It's tempting to leave them there, because raking and bagging are tedious and time consuming. However, if you let dead foliage sit on your lawn through the winter, it can kill the grass and make a mess in the spring. Use these tips to make lawn cleanup quick and easy this autumn so you can have a beautiful green yard come spring.

1. Get a good rake
Using an old metal rake will only make more work for you. If you have a lot of leaves to clean up, it's a good idea to invest in a wide, non-clog rake. Choose a tool that's the right size for your body to prevent hurting your back or knees. Consider a rake with a bent handle if you're prone to these types of injuries.

2. Take advantage of the wind
Ideally, you want to rake on a day when there's no wind, but that's not always possible. Autumn is known for its chilly breezes, so if you can't avoid the wind, use it to your advantage. Rake leaves in the same direction as the breeze and make piles in spots where the wind can't snatch up the leaves. A good place to create piles might be in front of a wall or bush.

3. Use a tarp
Instead of raking leaves into piles and picking them up, make the task a little easier by collecting the foliage on a tarp. Since leaves are so lightweight, you can pick up more leaves when they're on a tarp. This will reduce the number of times you have to bend over and make the job quicker.

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